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We adopted a 3 month old doberman / german shepherd mix 2 weeks ago, she looks mostly doberman to me.

We've been crate training her, and from the very beginning she's had almost no problems in the crate. She had one accident about 3 days after we got her, since then the crate is always clean. We both work 9 - 5, but we come home for lunch and let her out, so the long periods where she's alone are about 9 AM - 12:30, 1 - 5, and overnight from 11 PM to 7 AM.

While we're home we walk her about every 2 hours. When she goes outside we reward her either with a treat or with praise. When she goes inside we scold and yell at her (only if we catch her in the act, which we usually do).

How long should it take for her to "get it"? So far she doesn't seem to be learning, she'll go in the house only 30 minutes after being taken for a walk. Clearly she can hold it if she wanted to because she holds it for hours at a time overnight and while we're at work.

Good news is she goes immediately when we walk her, she clearly knows that this is the reason for the walk. She dislikes being outside (still frightened), so she always hurries to go so we can come back in

Thanks in advance
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