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How long did you wait to find the "right" dog?

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I have been doing a lot of research on finding the right breed for me and my family. I have contacted numerous breeders but the timing isn't ever right (i'mhoping for to get a pup the end of summer beginning of fall). Howevver they all seem to be available nowor in the next few weeks. There are a couple of breeders who may have some pups around the same time, but there's already waiting lists. Should i wait and risk the chance of not getting a pup, or just get one earlier than expected?
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It is what ever works for you. If the timing if right, then you can't really do anything about that.. unless you can work around it. If it was me, I would probably go with the pups that are available in the next few weeks, because like you said, with the others you are on a waiting list. As long as you trust the breeder and feel comfortable with him/her and their dogs, then why not get the pup now if you make it work.
I waited several months for Shippo... I waited over a year to get Eevee. I will wait 2-3 years to get my next dog, a show corgi from Shippo's breeder. It's worth the wait, definitely.
TBH, I wasn't really actively looking for a dog when we got Marge. She kind of just... worked out.

I know that doesn't help a person who's looking to purchase from a breeder very much, but sometimes you just know when it's right. :)
I spent 2-3 weeks scouring craigslist, meeting dogs and haunting the local shelter before I got my dog.
It's been about a year for me researching breeders, finding ones I liked, and being on multiple waiting lists. I finally brought me little girl home yesterday.

I will say that I was pretty open on timing. I knew I'd prefer this time of year (I'd rather housetrain in nice weather) but if it hadn't had worked out I probably would have taken a pup whenever the time was right.

Here's my thought. If you want to go with a good breeder then you are generally going to have a wait of some time. So then it's on you about how important the timing is. If you can wait that is never going to be a bad choice since it just gives you that much more time to prepare. If you feel you can't wait any longer than necessary then you are just going to have to deal with when the pups are available. I didn't wait any more than necessary and it still took about a year.

Personally, I was dogless so while my timing worked out it was the least of my considerations. The only things I really worried about were preparing my family/house and the quality of the breeder and dogs.
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I've been looing for a dog since October. I was actually looking at Aussie pups and found a fantastic breeder for them, but my mom wasn't ready (My Max passed away in September), and I think in my heart I new I wasn't either. I came across English Springer Spaniels in December and just lucked out that I loved Ty's breeder. I waited for her next litters to be born, as she was planning on having 2 maybe 3 of her females breed around January (she had a big waiting list for spring springers). When I found out one of her females, my favourite, was going to be one of the females I said to put me on the waiting list..then because I couldn't help myself, I sent her the $50 deposit early.

All in all I waited only 5 long months LOL. But again I lucked out on finding a breeder and breed I liked right away.

I think you should think about if your ready right now for a puppy. That extra time gave me the chance to get everything I needed for Ty. Well I still need to get his clippers, but that I don't have to worry about right now. If you think your ready, I'd go for it. But if you can stand the wait, do that as well. It gives you time to prepare.

But either way, what ever you choose will be what was supposed to happen and I'm sure it'll work out for you! :)
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Gosh...well, from deciding that we wanted a Mastiff to the day we brought Uallis home...it was about 2 years.
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