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How long did you have to wait for your puppy?

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I have been researching numerous breeders for our future family member. I personally was hoping to get a pup the end of summer or beginning of fall. However, the breeders that I have researched on the breeds official website, are available soon whereasthe breeders that are not listed are due during my preferable time. What shoudl i do?
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My experience is you can have any two out of the following three (presuming you are only willing to consider ethical breeders): The price range you want, the location you want, and the timeframe you want. :p

I waited 6 months for Lizzie; 2 years for Summer (Cardi show prospect who I ended up spaying and placing.) Mal and Indy were both basically no wait- Mal was a case where the breeder had no reservations for smooth boys; Indy was one of two the breeder had picked, when I lost Bou, she decided to offer him to me. I waited a year for Kaylee, but I didn't know I was waiting for her. :p

In all the cases except Lizzie, there were other litters from reputable breeders elsewhere in the country in my time frame. Mal and Indy were just cases of the stars aligning; I got lucky. But in Summer's case, I had a specific bitch that I wanted a puppy from (she ended up dying in whelp; I ended up purchasing a puppy from her dam instead) and in Lizzie's case ,there just plain weren't any other choices (there's only three breeders in the country of the breed, one breeds only every few years, one I don't care for personally, and the third was LIzzie's breeder, who has since spayed Lizzie's mother.)
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