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How long did you have to wait for your puppy?

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I have been researching numerous breeders for our future family member. I personally was hoping to get a pup the end of summer or beginning of fall. However, the breeders that I have researched on the breeds official website, are available soon whereasthe breeders that are not listed are due during my preferable time. What shoudl i do?
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I am currently in the process of researching breeders. At one point, I thought that I had found what I was looking for, but have since changed my mind and am continuing my research.

It is likely that I will have to wait anywhere from 6 months to a year (maybe more) to get my pup, once I finally narrow down the "lucky" breeder. ;)

If you are looking for a pet quality dog and you don't care about a particular breeding, you could probably ask around the breed club and find out who has litters available.

I find that there are more litters in the spring and summer then in the winter and fall, but that could just be my experience.
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