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How long did you have to wait for your puppy?

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I have been researching numerous breeders for our future family member. I personally was hoping to get a pup the end of summer or beginning of fall. However, the breeders that I have researched on the breeds official website, are available soon whereasthe breeders that are not listed are due during my preferable time. What shoudl i do?
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I think everyone is different on time frames when it comes to dogs. When I started thinking about getting a dog a few years ago the hubby and I did a lot of talking and reading on breeds. Also I started dog walking and dog sitting when I first thought about getting one.... to see if I really didn't mind picking up poop and such *lol.

We were actually looking at Mastiff initially but the first couple breeders I found online didn't really seem all that great, more ready to hand the dog over and take our cash and less interested in where the dog was going. I didn't know what a BYB was at the time, I just knew that whoever was going to sell us a dog for $1500.00 should be asking questions about our lifestyle, where the dog was going to live, spaying/neutering etc.
Needless to say we decided to just keep looking *wink*.

About 6 months into our dog find process I got word that Taylor had been taken into the SPCA by his owners, dont' even get me started on them *yikes*. I had done some dog sitting for one lady frequently by this point and always saw Taylor tied to a tree, thier yards backed onto each other. I thought he was a beautiful dog, very quiet and didn't seem to mind other people and dogs walking by, just content to be enjoying the breeze *smiles*. As soon as I heard he was given up I was at the shelter filling out form to take him home for a trial adoption, he's been with me ever since.

I guess the point of all this is keep your eyes and ears open, whatevers meant to be, will be. In the end you will have a great companion whom you thought was worth the wait and all the research. I'm not sure if I would have waited 2 years, but by not rushing I think I had more time to get familiar with dogs and learn what it was like to be around dogs, be they pulling a leash to chase a squirrel or getting them out the door for the morning constitutional *smiles*.
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