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I am trying to decide to get a female or male and one of my questions is, if I wait until 2 or get and ovary sparing spay, how difficult is it to put the panties on, how often are they changed, and, I hate to ask, but do you take them off when you walk them to go to the bathroom?
Is this a real pain?
I have had two females intact that I eventually decided that, while really good dogs, were not good enough to breed so I spayed them. Age 3 or so.

The panties on and off depend on the dog. Train it just like you train anything else.
Of course they must come off for the dog to potty. You line the panties with a sanitary napkin (part of one). Some dogs are so clean there is little blood anyway.

The biggest pain comes if you have any intact male dogs around. If they have had vasectomies they still want to tie. If you separate the dogs the males will carry on.. crying in crates. A Heat lasts about 3 weeks with a start of blood.. then the blood will become pink tinged serum and it is at this time the dog can be bred.. and then the dog will produce blood again and "bleed off." Heats are opposite of human menstrual cycles (for those who know nothing of heats). A bitch in heat is building a follicle getting ready to ovulate and become pregnant.. and a human menstrual cycle there are no follicles and no ovulation.

Another big pain is that you cannot take your female out for a walk from your house. ANY male dog will smell her and try to move heaven and earth to follow that scent trail your female leaves all the way back to your house where they will park themselves. So, while common sense dictates your in season female must be isolated and only walked on leash (even in your own yard) and cannot be left out in a kennel.. must ALWAYS be on leash and watched.. the other pain is that to walk her you need to get her in the car and drive somewhere to walk her. Then, again, you must be vigilant. Safer NOT to walk her.. keep her home for 21 days and then 3 days after she bleeds off.

I actually walked with a cattle prod so I could drive off any male that came along (if one did).
Spaying is a good idea and better than ovary sparing spay because she will not come in heat and she will be less likely to develop breast cancer or ovarian cysts etc. I would wait until 2 years old to spay. That means after her third or fourth heat (they come in heat every 6 months after the first one in most dogs). Some females come in heat much more randomly and/or more often.
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