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How do you train a dog when not to bark?

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Sometimes I think I live in a town that doesn't like dogs.First they ban certain dogs,now they have a barking ban.My last dog got a citation for accessive barking,even though it was the dog next door.I've heard about barking collars,but are they safe and do they work? How can you successfully train your dog when not to bark? My dog has a very deep bark,and she's only four months old.
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I assume you're talking about Alert or Watchdog barking. Good pack members will let the pack leader/rest of the pack know there's a potential intruder or a problem. That's exactly what you want but, you don't want a bunch of false alarms.
You teach her what is normal (no alert is needed) by going out every single time she barks.....showing her that you will handle the 'problem'....that's exactly what the Alpha does. It's his job to intercept, investigate, run off the intruder or invite them in.
Once she understands that you're doing your part, the barking will either stop or lessen significantly. Here are the key moves that you have to employ....the first is stepping between her and the 'problem' (shows her that you're got it covered).
The second move is Yawning....yes, yawn. She knows exactly what that means...boring, nothing to be concerned about. Once she realizes what is normal, the barking stops or lessens significantly.
I know this sounds strange but, it works if you're consistent. My barky Shelties used to bark their heads off at the raccoons on our deck...now, they ignore them..same with the neighbors dogs on both sides.
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One of my dogs barks and I'd thought about one of those citranella or collars that make a sound when the dogs barks, but didn't want her to get to the point of not barking especially when she's alerted to someone outside. What works for me is that when she starts to bark at something I go look at whatever has her barking then tell her "oh that's just ________ that's OK. Enough". She's learned that once I look and tell her it's OK/Enough she quiets down and moves on.

If your dog is outside when you're not home and barking obviously this won't work for you and a collar that makes a noise be a good solution for you. Not sure how well they work though.
Tooneydogs - What do you do when you own multiple dogs? We have one dog who alerts us of any rabbit in the yard, any paper bag blowing in the street, any car that drives by, etc. When he barks, our other two go over to investigate and "agree" with him that yes, what he's barking at is bark-worthy. He almost seems obsessive-compulsive about it once he gets started... Any suggestions???
Fortunately, I only have to contend with two at a time! Same tactic though...step in front of them.....Thank them for the Alert. If they don't stop barking at that point then, I use a stop sign hand towards them and use my Enough or Quiet command followed by an immediate Yawn. You might want to focus more on the instigator...making sure he's the one that's really getting the message.
When my guys were screaming at the racoons, they were bouncing off the windows.
I had to squeeze my way between them and the window and that's a good thing because they have to back away....that's part of the message you want to send...BACK OFF!
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