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2 questions
1. How do you spot exhaustion as it develops? (Separate from overheating issues)
2. For a generally healthy 30lb terrier, are there health issues from exhaustion followed by an appropriate rest period?


This weekend I attempted to hike up and over a hill but stopped short due to exhaustion & an apparent underestimation of the water & effort required. I took Spirit with me and instead of finishing the 7.5 mile loop as planned ended up doing just 1.2 miles with a steep 600' gain.

Since the trail was empty & well away from any roads I let Spirit walk off leash. She stays with ~20 feet, as she trots back and forth from me to sniff around. About a third of the way up I stopped and watered both her and myself. We took many breaks up the hill and I even provided shade when she started to pant (heat I presume). Once the panting subsided we continued up until I called it quits.

On the way down Spirit became more compliant than usual and would arbitrarily sit or lay down instead of trotting ahead. She was also more willing to walk down beside me at my slow pace but she didn't seem to protest at all. It was clear to me that she was exhausted, but it's almost like her energy when from 10 to 2 without warning. No changes in posture, no whining, just an incredibly "compliant" less energetic dog.

After the hike and a long nap she was back to normal & magically full of energy like it never happened. :confused: If she was over exerting herself, would she let me know?
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