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How do you save your dog?

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Hi everyone...I'm still really shook up by what happened at the dog park on Saturday and I had a nightmare last night of a repeat...I just feel really terrible as a doggie parent, and need some advice from loving and educated doggie owners who have some wisdom to share :redface:

What should you do when your dog is being bitten/aggressively wrestled by another dog who is larger, and considerably more dangerous than what you're used to handling?

Just some background info - small Bichon (my dog) and a Boxer (mix?). He was pinning her down, and biting her ears and tails, and she was crying out loud in pain, and I tried to get between them to push him away with my legs, but I couldn't because he had a hold on her and it was hard to push him away, and so I was screaming loudly "STOP STOP!" hoping he would back off, and I asked the owner to extricate her dog but she told me she won't, and that it was my problem...and then finally my friend who's a police officer was able to use a very commanding voice, which scared off the boxer. If it wasn't for him, I don't know what I would've done, and half of me was so terrified I felt frozen in fear.

Since I was screaming STOP STOP! all the other dog owners in the park were staring at us (and there were a LOT of dogs that day), and the owner finally put the leash back on her boxer and left the park about an hour later. I had Butters on a leash after this incident to better manage in case it were to happen again, but she was getting along really well with the other dogs in the park, and played well with them (I don't know how shook up she was about it). Before this incident I knew I had to be wary of him as he was jumping on me and my friends and mugging at our treat bags trying to get some food from us, and the owner did nothing to correct his behaviour.

I don't know how this erupted and it all happened so fast, that I don't know what lead up to it - Me and butters were previously working on our recall in the park, and when she'd get a few feet away I would call her back to me, and when I was giving her treats, he would always be there too hoping to get some as well, so he was always kind of close by,

I just need some advice on how to better handle the situation so next time it doesn't happen again, and if it does, that I'll be better prepared to resolve the situation.

Please only constructive advice and tips/warnings, just want to know what I can do next time as I'm still really shaken up about it. Thanks!
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Sorry about what happened and the owner of the boxer should have stopped their dog if your dog was crying out in pain. But I'm curious as to why you stayed after that? To be able to say they stayed for an hour more means you did too. Basically if you feel your dog is unsafe someplace it's your job as their caretaker to leave to unsafe environment. It doesn't sound like the boxer actually attacked your dog or Butters WOULD be hurt, just playing too rough and not backing off when it was clear your dog wasn't having fun.

As for the boxer being all over you trying to get treats... I don't really have much sympathy for you there. Bringing treats to a dog park is a big no no in my book and if you do you can't be surprised when you attract other dogs who want those treats. That drove me crazy when I still went to the dog park and my dog would be all over people who brought treats instead of running around and playing. I could tell when Jubel was overly interested in people they had treats. I'd warn them NOT to give him any or he'd never leave them alone, ignore him long enough and he'll go away. If they gave him some anyways they were on their own dealing with Jubel's attempts to earn more treats because they chose not to listen. From what you said the park was pretty crowded as well making bringing in treats even more likely to cause issues. Most dogs will just want to get some treats but some might get aggressive around food and other dogs. Just all around bad to bring food into a dog park, most have rules against that as well.
I agree here, if this dog was really being aggressive, your dog would be injured. Boxers have quite a rough style of play, very mouthy, body slamming, jumping on dogs, etc. and your dog just wasn't up to it. But if you were concerned, it's up to you as the dog parent to look out for your pup and leave if you're seeing something you don't like.
And bringing treats to a dog park? Expect to get crowded and followed by a trail of noses.
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