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So my problem is really that my dogs bark at people while on the leash in my apartment complex. We used to live in a complex for a year and they didn't do that, then we moved to a house where they didn't see people as regularly since we walk early and at night. Now that we're back in an apartment complex they see people and dogs more frequently and have started to bark at people and dogs and birds and shopping carts!

They're both about 2 years old, one is a sheltie, who is afraid of other dogs so I know that's why he barks at dogs, but I'm not sure why they bark at people so much. They both like people and if the people they bark at come close to them they stop barking and start wagging tails. Its just getting to the point that they are scaring people and I'm worried someone will tell the office they're vicious or something. While my sheltie isn't very intimidating my shepherd/whippet mix looks pretty scary straining on the end of a leash, hair standing up, barking and barking. So please point me in a direction to stop this, or at least minimize it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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