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This is Coco. >>> http://www.dogforums.com/dog-training-forum/108727-new-puppy-growling-trying.html <<<. She is doing quite well these days.
But I'm still having a problem getting my older Chihuahua and her to get along.
Rosie is 8-9 years old and doesn't mind Coco, in fact they have slept together in same bed and sniff each other regularly. Only problem is naturally Coco has muh more energy than Rosie and wants to nip and jump on her and play. Rosie doesn't want to have anything to do with playing. Her idea of going outside is finding a nice warm sunny spot and snoozin, Coco on the other hand play play play. I play with Coco and try to wear her out a bit but she still jumps on Rosies back and nips at her little legs in an effort to get Rosie to play. Rosie snaps snarls and nips back which just makes Coco think she want a to play more. Rosie had dental surgery several months back and many of her teeth were removed. She can't really defend herself well and I'm also worried about the stress and angst maybe giving her a heart attack :) Its difficult because the older dog in this case is already a lot smaller than the puppy so I'm not sure size will have an impact.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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