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How did you get started grooming?

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I know that a lot of groomers are on here so I was wondering how you got a big business going. Did you just keep practicing and practicing and then finally got really good or did you read books and take online classes? I am trying to learn more and more so one day I can be something big in the dog grooming business.
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Thanks for the advice! I will keep learning new things!
Graco, I really appreciate you telling me because by you telling me that I just learned a bunch of new things! I have a few questions for you.....what pro grooming forums did you talk on? and Which trade shows and seminars would you reccomend to me? Thanks,

Groomer 5220
Thanks SO much Graco,

I am going to check out groomer to groomer and subscribe to it and I'll look at the forums and seminars too! Thanks so much, you must be a professional!
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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