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How did you get started grooming?

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I know that a lot of groomers are on here so I was wondering how you got a big business going. Did you just keep practicing and practicing and then finally got really good or did you read books and take online classes? I am trying to learn more and more so one day I can be something big in the dog grooming business.
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I started as a teenager working for a kennel of Irish Water Spaniels as kennel help and there I learned to brush out and bathe those curly coated beasties! I once took a couple youngsters out in a field for some exercise and when I came back the lady I worked for said, "I hope you had fun! Now you get to get all the foxtails out of their coats!" Boy, did I learn my lesson...a couple of hours later and several piles of burrs and foxtails later. :eek:
Next, I worked at a grooming shop as a brusher and bather. That was where I learned to work hard.
Several years after that I enrolled in a grooming school. I worked as a groomer in other shops for many, many years after that and finally 5 years ago I bought my own business! I've been working with dogs for 25 years now!

I wanted to add that the greatest thing I've learned from being a dog groomer, and I get more and more of this as the years go by, is PATIENCE!
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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