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How can i make my pup stop....

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Being too sticky when i need to do something while i'm on my knees, or sitting on the floor?

Couple of days ago my water heater was shot, and we had a huge leak in our yard, the flame was still going and i went out to put it out so the boiler wouldn't overheat and go boom..

So when i was on my knees trying to reach for the control Apollo would stick his nose were my hands were...and when he realised it was boring he would use me as a bench, and he started to lie on me.... i pushed him once because i didn't want him to push me into the flame, and that got him going! splashing the water all over me (i admit that was funny) but i got soaking wet from his zoomie..

What i would like to know.. is how can i let the dog know when he can come near, and when he can come closer... sounds like a sit and wait would work, but since that is what i did and curiosity won over the obedience (OH WHAT IS DADY DOING THERE!?).. i think there should be other way..
I don't want to tether the dog.. i would feel that i'm going around the problem and not trying to solve it in a positive way.
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I'm assuming from your many posts that you are working your pup some basic stuff sits, stays, downs, etc. I tell clients that obed work and maturing go hand in hand each day you work pup, has pup 1 day older. You can't make a young boy a man nor can you make a pup into a dog. There just are some things that pup is doing now that with age and work will just phase out and disappear completely. To me, the cool part is that you got a laugh from his zoomie, these are the silly things that you will remember later and the fact he has these silly zoomies once in a while tells me you aren't warping his puppy hood as that is the proper time for zoomies.
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