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How about swimming pictures? Here's one.

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I took these with the cell phone two days ago.

How can I get that? It is under water.

Are you watching me?

Is there a way to get that frizbee without getting my head wet?

Shake that water off!
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What a cute little fuzzy thing! I don't blame him for not wanting to get that 'do wet. :)

Here's the way the big dogs do it:

Jaia's Pool Party
Cute video. Was it just the one dog who went in the pool or did they both go?

Now, before anyone gets on me about how disgusting and dirty the water is in this poor boys pool... It was a brand new pool and fresh water only 10 minutes before this picture was taken. I went in to get the camera and Carsten was still landscaping the yard when I went in.

He filthied up the pool then after laying down to cool off for a bit he started this manacle scraping of the water and emptied most of it out.

Here he was laying in the little water that was left looking at me like "What?!?"

This year, I have not been real motivated to get his pool out yet.... I wonder why?
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We had a lab once that loved the pool water that it splashed it all out shortly after it got in.
Cute video. Was it just the one dog who went in the pool or did they both go?
Jaia gets in the pool. B'asia will get in, but only when no one is there to watch her. LOL I know she gets in because she'll come inside with her feet and stomach wet.
Ahhh. So she brings in the evidence by being wet. LOL
Last summer (haven't gotten in the pool yet this year).
Us teaching J.C. how to swim. (biggest mistake ever haha)

Holly jumping in the big pool.

Holly again.

Teaching her how to balance on the board.
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I am so jealous of your swimming dogs (especially Holly!). My old dog, Nikki, loved to swim. We do teach them how to get to the stairs *just in case*, but mine all have a catlike aversion to the water.

post learning the stairs:

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your dog is to cute!!!!
It's not mine, but I wanted to share my brothers dog.
I've never seen a dog love a pool so much.

I love the pool pictures and the video.

We just have a above ground pool so ours can't come in unless we carry them. My husband doesn't want them in the water. Says their hair glogs up the drain - hmmm. We have hair also.
I would think we do to (filters). Have to ask.

Anyway, last year we put Snuggles (our older one) on a raft and pulled her around. Then when my husband wasn't looking(most of the time) we let her swim to us. She was kind of scared though.
I am so jealous of your swimming dogs (especially Holly!).
She totally did not take to water immediately. But after a while she realized that it was fun to swim to us. She also has learned how to prop herself up on a a noodle float thingy, and float. It's adorable.

I can't wait to get in the pool again!! This winter has been to long!
My dogs freak out as soon as I pick up the hose to water the plants. They don't want water anywhere NEAR them.
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