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Housetraining Help!

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My fiancé and I recently got a 12 week old Frenchie. We live in a rental with vinyl floors that we are worried about wrecking. We’ve been using pee pads to protect them but I’ve read those confuses puppies on house training. We’ve been taking him out every hour when we are home from work. He goes poddy every time. But he seems to go pee on anything soft when left alone in his play pen including his bed and blankets. I know he’s just a puppy and can’t hold his bladder long but we are consistent with taking him out every hour. I’m looking into something to protect the flooring if I’m going to take the pee pads away so he can learn just to go outside. He loves to act out when left alone in his play pen by ripping up his pee pads or as stated above, peeing in his bed and blankets. Any advice would be awesome for new puppy parents!
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I tend not to use puppy pads, only because it takes longer to housetrain them and they tend to rip them up. I always say if you want them to pee outside they should always go outside rather than inside.

Puppies have tiny bladders and need to go out after they eat, drink, play, when they wake up from a nap and every 30 minutes between that! It's a lot of toileting.

Make sure when you take pup out to the toilet you take him out on a lead to the same spot everytime and make sure that he goes! If he doesn't go, bring him inside and keep him on the lead so you can watch for any signs like sniffing, circling, pacing or whining and go out and try again.

If they have accidents it's our fault for not watching them and missing the cues. If you absolutely NEED him to go inside because of working hours then I would consider getting a grass mat for inside in the pen.

The more on top of it you are, the quicker he will be to toilet train.

I hope this helps :)
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