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Lol! He was teasing you with the rug! Smart little guy! :)

Isnt he tho? when he was younger, we use to have to take 13-14 hour trips into the city for my sisters yearly check up (she had cancer), he was pissed about the fact he could never come. So, one year for 2 weeks straight when we would leave he would jump up on the dinner table and poop where my dads plate would be. We'd come home with him sitting on the couch ( he isnt allowed up there unless invited ) in my dads spot....smart boy really knew how to piss my dad off and for that matter tell us enough was enough. So, I thought, hey how about a car ride.
Took him for an hour long car ride, and after that he never pooped there again. LOL
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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