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The well-trained dog's education begins with house training. As with any training, some dogs catch on more readily than others. Some of the toy breeds are notoriously dense in this regard and vigorously resist all efforts requiring their cooperation.

However, the majority of dogs don't present a problem, provided you do your part. To speed along the process, I recommend that you use a crate or similar means of confinement.


* A crate is a babysitter- when you're busy and can't keep an eye on your dog, but want to make sure he doesn't get into trouble, put him in his crate. You can relax and so can he.

* A crate is especially helpful during the times when you have to keep your dog quiet, such as after being altered or after an injury.

* A crate is a place where he can get away from the hustle and bustle of family life and hide out when the kids become too much for him.

* A crate provides a dog with his own special place. It's cozy, secure and his place to go get away from it all.Make sure your dog's crate is available to him when he wants to nap or take some time out. He'll use it on his his own, so make sure he always has access to it. Depending on where it is, your dog will spend much of his sleeping time in his crate.


Select a crate that's large enough for your dog to turn around, stand up, or lie down comfortably. If he's a puppy, get a crate for the adult size dog so that he can grow into it.

It is advisable you get a good quality crate that collapses easily and is portable so that you can take it with you when traveling with you dog. If you frequently take your dog with you in the car, consider getting two crates, one for the house and other for the car. Doing so saves you from having to lug one back and forth.
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