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House training question.

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I've had my puppy for a week now (got her from the Humane Society) she's 3 months old, and according to what her vet papers from the previous owner she's an Aussie/Rottie mix. I've been working with her on house training. She has had very few accidents since bringing her home, and she now knows that she goes outside to go potty.

My question is though, will she eventually start letting me know she needs to go outside? As of right now she just sits by the door. I follow her back to the back door and let her out, but I would like it if she would make some noise so I don't miss the chance and have her have an accident. Is there some way to train her to do that or will she eventually do it on her own as she gets older?
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Thanks. That sounds like a good idea. Now I just have t figure out how to get her to bark. She usually only barks at the cats when she's trying to play, but she does occasionally when she gets excited.
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