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House training problems

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I have a 10 month old min pin and we are still struggling with house training. He seems to know that he needs to pee outside, he even holds it through the night and when we are not home however, there is an occasional marking incident or times when he seems to be upset with us and he will pee inside right in front of us, but the main issue we are having is that he will not poop outside. We try to take him out every half an hour to hour when we are home, every time he sniffs around and pees like 5 times but will not poop, then as soon as we get back inside he sneaks off and poops, and it's always in the same spot. He is like a ninja! I watch him so closely, and I have caught him in the act a couple of times and rushed him outside telling him it's ok to poop and he still won't go. I have read up on the subject and I'm pretty sure I'm to blame here, he is ashamed to poop in front of me, but how can I ever reward and praise him for good behavior if he won't ever go in front of me?
I love my dog so much and feel so bad that I created anxiety in him. I am having a baby in five months and I really need to correct this problem before it comes. I cannot have dog poop laying around my house with a baby crawling around! If anyone has some tips or knows a great resource for this kind of thing I would really appreciate any help I can get! Thanks in advance :)
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A couple things, he doesn't pee in front of you because he's upset with you. HOWEVER, dogs can pee out of anxiety or stress, meaning, if they are stressed or anxious they don't have the same ability to control their bladder. Also, at 10 months old, you shouldn't need to take him out every half hour. Aside from that, is he fed on a schedule? If he's fed on a schedule, poop times should be pretty consistent. And, when you take him out, thinking he should poop, it might help get the bowels moving if you play with him, getting him to run around a bit first.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but, if he is able to "sneak off and poop" as soon as you get back inside, you aren't watching him closely enough. Do you take him out on a leash? If you don't, I'd suggest taking him out to do is business on a leash, because then, if he DOESN'T poop, you can keep him on the leash inside, right with you, thereby taking away the freedom for him to sneak off. Then, try again.

Lots of times alternating 5 minutes outside to try pottying, then 5 minutes inside to wait (if he didn't potty when you had him out) will help. You just go back and forth every 5 minutes, til he's done it. Also, if he does poop inside, pick it up and take it outside where you'd like him to go, so that he can smell his poop outside. That might give him the idea it's ok.

And, have you used an enzymatic cleaner on the spot he uses inside? Regular cleaners leave enough enzymes for a dog to tell the stain's there, even if we think it's clean. And, it attracts him to the same spot. For the time being, you might try to limit his access to that "same spot", even if you have to place something over it so he can't get to it.

Good luck! :)
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Thanks so much for your response. I really like your suggestion about a feeding schedule, as of now we do not have him on a feeding schedule, I just fill up his bowl and let him eat when he wants, I guess I didn't realize this was a problem, we always free fed our dogs that I had as a kid. He kind of picks at it all day, he has such a short attention span he gets distracted easy and because he was still growing I wanted to make sure he was getting enough food. I'm pretty sure he is at his full grown size now, so if I do put him on a schedule, how do I know how much to give him and for how long to leave it out? How long would it take for him to need to poop after eating?
I do take him out on a leash every time, and I will try your suggestion of leaving him on the leash inside for 5 minutes and taking him back out. I have tried taking his poop outside and showing him but he refuses to look at it! I can tell that pooping has become a very shameful thing for him. I have also tried putting up a baby gate blocking his spot, he wined and cried for like 2 hours, never going all the times we took him outside, and then as soon as we had our eye off him for a second he pooped right in front of the baby gate. I'm telling you this dog is a ninja pooper! lol :) I really do watch him close but he is also very smart and sneaky! (part of the reason I love him so much, he really has fun personality :) ) Well, sorry to go on and on I was so happy to have a response and now some new things to try, thanks so much!
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I know! We used to free feed our dogs, too, when I was a kid. BUT, we had outside dogs, well, mostly outside, so they just pottied whenever they wanted.

What are you feeding him? The manufacturer has a feeding recommendation, usually on the bag, or you can look on their website. You can usually feed a bit less than they recommend, as the manufacturers want to sell more food, and usually make a recommendation on the high side.

We feed twice a day, so we just divide the daily recommendation in half. We never had an issue with our dogs, they scarf their food down quickly, but I think I've seen it recommended to leave it down 10-15 minutes, and then pick it up.
Depending on the dog, it can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes after eating before they need to poop. You can keep a "poop" journal for a week or so, that should give you the answer as to how long your pup will need.

Keep up the good work! :) I know it's frustrating!
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have you tried to leave him out alone? Not really alone, but make him thinks that you are not paying attention to him or you are not there.
I had the same problem when I first got my pup. He would just snif around, look at me, then sit and kept looking at me. I finally left him alone ( I was behind the door and peeking on him through the curtain) and he poop! After several times doing that, then I made my self visible again but this time I pretended like im busy with my self and made him thinks that I was not paying attention at all, and once he done I said "Good boy, good potty!" right away.

Good luck!
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