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House Broken dog having accedents.

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I recued a dog that is 8 years old 3 months or so ago and he is house broken. He has been having accedents, though not frequently. I dont think he would have these issues if he warned us that he needs to go out. He doesnt bark EVER. Not that its a bad thing, but it is since thats a way all other dogs ive owned let me know they needed to go out. Is there a way to "teach an old dog one last trick" and have him give me a sign he needs to go out. We walk him 3-4 times a day. 8:30 am, noon, 4:30, 9:00. Each walk is about 1 mile in distance, and he always goes number 1 and ever other time number 2. He litterally does not give a sign he needs to go out. Please help :)
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If he has been doing this since you got him, he's not house-trained and they aren't "accidents." You would need to start over.

If he's recently starting doing this, a vet check is in order to make sure there's no medical cause.

I personally don't think a healthy, trained adult dog should have to whine, bark, ring a bell or do a little dance to go outside. You establish a reasonable schedule for feeding and pottying and you both stick to it.
Some dogs will let you know when they need to go out and some won't. My friend's dog is in the former category, mine in the latter. Although Cupid will respond with enthusiasm to "Do you need to go outside?" if he does need to go.

I agree with the above advice. Establish a schedule and stick to it. Good luck!
Thank you both. He is on a strict schedule. He does sort of let us know he needs to go out but its hard to tell. The way we think he needs out is alittle heavy breathing and doesnt sit still. The more obvious way is he will, as said before, he will not sit still and goto where his leash is. I was asking, what should i do to teach him to be more obvious about his need to go out?
You may have missed my point.

The only time my dogs express a "need" to go out is if they are ill. Otherwise, I let them out a regular intervils and they hold it until those times. That's what it means to be house-trained. It's my responsiby to get them outside before there's any real urgency. (For a puppy, that might mean every 90 minutes or so.)

Healthy adult dogs are remarkably regular.
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