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Does he have to go potty? Does he sleep in the bedroom with you, or outside of it? And how long has this been going on?

At 11 months he should be able to hold his bladder all night, but if this is something that has suddenly popped up, perhaps there is a medical reason such as a UTI causing him to have to go potty earlier than normal, thus the howling.

If he doesn't sleep in your bedroom, perhaps try allowing him in there and see if being near you stops the boredom howling. Or, if he is in you bedroom already, try having him sleep someplace else. That may just make him cry to be let in with you, but perhaps putting a few walls and doors between you will make it more bearable so you can sleep through it.

Other than listed above, the best way to stop that demand barking/howling is to ignore it. When they want something, any attention is good attention, even scolding. You could try earplugs to drown out the noise, or perhaps blackout curtains to seal out the light which always seems to get my dog up and wanting fun.
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