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I tried out an idea for a dog friendly popsicle and Eva gave it two paws up this week.

I have used a powdered supplement (glucosamine chondroitin) as a food topper a couple times a week. Its obviously tasty to her with main ingredients of dried fish and mussels and cane molasses (its The Missing Link brand joint supplement).

So I mixed a serving's worth with about 2 cups of water in a zippy bag and froze into a large ice treat. Big enough that she had to lick and gnaw at it instead of biting or swallowing it whole.

Huge hit.

I think it would work well with any of the powdered dried foods too like The Honest Kitchen or Sojos or Grandma Lucys at a higher than normal water ratio.

I've done chicken broth popsicles before but this was simpler to make. Adding a handful of dog friendly veggies or fruits like carrots can make an over the top treat.
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