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Hot Spot on my dog - Advice Please

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Hi everyone, I have a 6yr old Frengle (French bulldog/Beagle mix).

On Feb 6th, I took him to the vet for a general checkup and blood test. The doc covered the injection opening, but as you know in minutes my dog was able to take the bandage off and licked the area were he was injected.

2 days later, the spot became red/bigger. I did clean the wound with diluted Apple cider vinegar and water using cotton pads. I also used MEBO a burn ointment, non toxic, which was recommended by the vet on my 2nd visit showing him the hotspot.

I thought about the cone but he's a great master of escape. nothing works and its the 24th now. Should i be worried? does it look really bad? how else can I heal? Thank you

He's acting fine. running ok. eating fine.

Photo of hotspot on Feb 6-7:

Photo of hotspot on Feb 23-24:
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It's probably best to follow-up with your vet. These things can take some time to heal, the cone might be necessary. I have had some success treating hot spots with garlic, but sometimes they can be stubborn.
Thank you Jen. Took him to the vet and put the shame cone. I do feel bad because he hates it

Doc thinks its a Lick Granuloma

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This is before and after 8 days with the cone. Does it look healed?

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It looks way better! Hooray! But, in my opinion, I'd keep using the cone when you can't directly supervise to stop/redirect any licking until it is completely, 100% healed up. One of my girls tends to fuss at small cuts/wounds on occasion until she turns them into full blown lick granulomas. If I don't keep her coned up until the fur starts to grow back she'll reopen it & we end up back at square one.
But, in my opinion, I'd keep using the cone when you can't directly supervise to stop/redirect any licking until it is completely, 100% healed up
Yes, agreed.
Thank you ! I will keep doing that until his next visit to the vet on Thursday

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Im really sad and annoyed. He managed to break out of the cone for a second and licked the wound for exactly a second. And now its back to pink like he peeled a skin off... it was almost healed like the pic i shares yesterday.

I really dont want to operate, what can i do to make it heal quick? I used MEBO ointment for burns

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I'm sorry. Been there - done that. Like I said before, in my experience the best thing to do is keep that cone on (or, in my dog's case, both a cone & inflatable donut because she can get around either one individually!!) I realize this was an 'accident', and not because of anything you did, but it's simply a set back & will just extend the length of time he needs to be in the cone. I haven't found anything topical that sped up the healing process, just keep them from licking & time.
I agree, just gotta keep the cone on - or figure out an alternative to the cone, like an inflatable donut.

Also might be worth looking into getting a Shed Defender https://sheddefender.com/ that would cover the area. Although depending on how determined he is, he may be able to lift that up for chew through it. But it could be a good backup while he has the cone on in case he gets it off.
It’s been a month with the cone, and a week with antibiotic cream and cortisone cream twice a day.

I dont like how it looks, those new red dark dots on it are scaring me.

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I would take him back to the vet at this point.
it sounds like it's time to take him back to the vet. But in the meantime, I wanted to share that I have had some luck with dogs by using a product called nail-biter that is made to prevent people from chewing their nails. You can get it at the drugstore and I think it is made by Revlon. It has a compound in it called bitrex that is very bitter. You would put it around the wound on the fur (not directly on raw skin) and it can be a pretty effective way of keeping the animal from worrying over the area. Good luck and please keep us posted!
Wow, It's great conversation. And here i got lots information that help me properly. I knew much more things from here. Actually I'm newbie I have no enough knowledge about this subject but I'm looking for lots of useful information. So Thanks a lots for sharing.
I stopped the cortisone because its been over a week and not much difference. Now ive been using MEBO 3 times a day and its getting smaller in size.

Still no hair growing , just makes me sad to have that cone for a month now i hope it gets cured fast. I take him to the vet every 10 days for a checkup

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