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We have a 5 year old female Corgi who has had a problem with 'hot spots' or as the vet has identified them; Lick Granuloma. This began 8 months ago and we took her to the vet who prescribed a cream and a preventative collar. We used the inflatable donut instead of the cone.

Once the wound was healed, which took a few months, we took the donut off and within a few weeks she started licking the same spot on her other paw. We went though the same process and when we removed the collar, she went after the original paw! We are now on the 4th cycle of this problem and she is beginning to lean how to rotate the collar around her neck to chew the velcro straps to get at her paw-which she did the other last night.

I've been reading a lot on this topic online and found it could be caused by an allergy or an obsessive behavior. I can't identify either. She gets top quality food with no corn or wheat. She is well trained (4-6 week sessions) and is walked twice a day with 2 or three additional play session in the house or the yard. She is not left alone for more than a few hours a few times each week. She loves people and most other dogs. I don’t see her as being particularly bored.

She is territorial with our two cats and will allow one of them to hang out with her nearby but pretty much keeps the other cat out of the downstairs floor of the house. When her brother comes to visit (my son's dog) and stays for a few days, she doesn't want to have anything to do with him, where once they played together very well. She will walk with him on a double leash but that's about it. She doesn't want him to have anything, even a toy, which my son brought for him. In fact when we visit my son’s house, she doesn't even want him to have one of his own toys-in his own house!

Could this problem be caused by a fear or obsession with her territory? I hate to think this will be a problem for the rest of her life! How do I get to the bottom of this?
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