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hospital visit last night

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so last night was my 5th visit and dohggy's 3rd visit and I think it was the best yet. He had a good time and was a good boy and didn't want to leave the hospital when it was over.

He got in this one guys wheelchair and put his front legs around the guys waist and rested his head on the guys chest so the guy could pet him. It was very cute and the guy enjoyed it a lot.

I'm liking our visits more and more. I'm hoping that the more times we go, the more comfortable we'll both get with the room to room visits. dohggy needs to get more familiar with the smells so he can pay more attention to the patients in the room to room visits. He's having no problems with the social visits where our whole group is in one big room and then a bunch of patients come in the big room and it's just like a big gathering.

Thanks for reading! :)
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That is great! I can just imagine what you guys do for the patients hearts when you go do these things. You guys and the dogs rock!:D
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