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This incident is right down the road from me in Texas, and I know everyone is interested. I'd like to save this post to show that things improve and most people are good. So, I'd like to keep this thread positive. Please go to another thread if you need to post hatred about the abuse, instead of highjacking and diluting the positive tone in this one.

Hope is the dog, a pug-mix female, that was found abused near Weatherford, in Parker County, Tx. One woman devoted an entire day to locate and save this dog, enlisted the help of Animal Control and local residents. People searched on 4-wheelers and on horseback, finally locating Hope at 6pm.

The local animal hospital was flooded with calls and notes from all over the world offering support and encouragement.

During all of this, Hope has been more than a trooper, showing absolutely no aggression, showing only friendliness to all the people and other animals in the hospital. She's a sweet and gentle dog.

The great news is that only 4 days later, Hope is recovering very well, and the people who own the ranch where Hope was found, are adopting Hope, where she'll live with horses and 8 other adopted dogs. If I hear more upbeat news, I'll post it.

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