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Honey's not well :(

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I woke up this morning and Honey was looking really listless. I wondered out loud about it and my mom told me she'd been vomiting since yesterday, and that her stomach was really bloated at one point yesterday when I was at work.

Her gums seem pale and her stomach seems to be sensitive to the touch. She did perk up for her morning walk.

I'm kind of anxious right now, but I can only take her to the vet this evening after work, so I think I'm gonna do that. In the meantime, any prayers or healing thoughts are greatly appreciated... as well as any suggestions. I'm going to feed her chicken and rice today. Anything else I should do?
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I like these threads when, by the time I see them, the dog is recovering nicely :)

I'm glad Honey's on the mend! Hopefully it was just a fluke...sounds like you and your mom and great care of her so she should be enjoying herself!
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