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I am first time dog owner, I love my 8 mo old Shih Tzu, Chester. Why does his face always look or appear sad or depressed? He is so adorable but when he gazes or stares at me he looks so sad. He has markings around his eyes that form big black circles like misplaced mascara or eyeliner...they make his big beautiful brown eyes sad and serious...he is gorgeous, but he looks so sad.....he is red and white with black hair all around his eyes like a racoon.... His gorgeous pug nose and hair that forms a frown around his adorable mouth, is beautiful, but he looks so sad, so depressed. He gets all the love and attention anybody could receive...I am home with Chester all day. We play, take walks........he has every Kong and toy...but his face markings make him look so very sad. I know he is not emotionally sad, I took him to vet twice..eveything is fine .....He is staring at me as I type, so sad his beautiful face. I find myself talking to him all the time to tell him how wonderful he is, I even ask him why he looks so sad.. I am so sensitive to what he might be feeling because he looks so sad. I know he was born with his face like this but I can't figure out why it bothers me so much..I want him to be happy, but he looks so sad...does anyone have a Shih Tzu who has a sad face or have I gone nuts and off the reservation!!!.....Eternally Grateful...God Bless and Thankyou...first time Shih Tzu Owner.......HB I have had Chester for 2 months..........
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