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The only thing I made myself is my gangline. I have never had a need for a noodle and I bought my bungee (although I'm sure you could easily make one of those as well, I just don't know how. lol)

My very first team dog section of gangline I made by tying knots in regular rope. Some people find this works well enough for them, especially if they're nifty at tying special knots. I wasn't, so I'm sure my gangline would have fallen apart eventually but it worked until I got another one.

I now make mine out of the usual hollow braided poly rope which you should be able to find at pretty much any hardware or marine store ( the fids too). I used a book for the measurements but this article explains it better. ...
It looks complicated at first but once you start doing it and get the hang of it, it becomes really easy.

For snaps and what not, I like to use the brass ones because they don't freeze. I also like to use a locking carabiner so there's no chance of it coming unhooked somehow.

Oh and if for some reason you can't find fids, people have used knitting needles with the flat end cut off to splice their rope instead. :)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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