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Home made diets?

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I live in the UK and it would seem that feeding home made diets and raw feeding is incredibly popular. I was among the many lead to believe that commerical dog foods are a complete food and dogs don't need anything else. I started researching raw food when I joined a forum I am no long on and then eventually switched to a complete raw food. I believe in good food for my dog and value for money and found many of the comercial dry/wet foods are just not balanced enough and I dislike how dog food is made, I wanted to choose a more natural wholesome way of feeding my dog. I am to say that my vet supports the food I feed my dog and the place I buy my complete raw from also supports and educates owners about good healthy foods for dogs.

I wish to learn more about home made raw diets and have the following questions =

What books did you read before you changed?
What is your home made menue like?
How long have you been making home made foods?? Why did you get started?
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What books did you read before you changed? None. I researched the various types of raw and decided that Prey Model Raw was the most proper diet. These are the sites that most greatly influenced me:
Jane Anderson's Raw Learning Site
Kaos Siberians - getting started
The Many Myths of Raw Feeding

and I also searched long and hard (and still do) for scientific studies conducted about diet change and raw feeding. I have many such articles bookmarked and saved on my computer now.

What is your home made menue like? I aim to follow the 80% raw meat, 10% edible bone, and 10% organ guideline. I feed as much red meat as possible and only offer edible bones that are easily chomped, which means no beef bones or other large, dense, teeth-damaging bones. For organ, I feed half liver (beef or chicken) and half other, usually beef kidney, but I will get pancreas, spleen, or other organ whenever I can. The staple meats I feed are pork roast, beef heart, chicken, and turkey. I usually give 1-2 whole sardines each week and 1-2 eggs per week (my dogs are both 40 lbs). I get whatever other raw meat I can get for cheap such as llama, moose, venison, and elk. I offer as much variety as I can within my budget. I supplement with fish oil for Omega 3s as supermarket meat is low in Omega 3s. I do *not* feed any plants or diet as they are not species appropriate and wolves don't eat them in the wild. I do give them veggies or fruit as treats, and they enjoy licking out my yogurt containers when I'm done, but it is not a significant or regular part of their diet.

How long have you been making home made foods?? Why did you get started? I started in the fall of 2010 when my puppy was about 8 months old. The story of why I got started actually begins with my cats. They were on Science-fiction Diet when I got them and one had horrid diarrhea and the other had dry, flaky skin. After stupidly buying into the prescription diet scam my best friend and then roommate mentioned I should try a more natural food. I switched them to TOTW and within a week or so there was no more diarrhea and the other cat had slightly better skin and fur. I learned gradually about the pet food business, and heard about the BARF diet. When I got my puppy in April 2010 I put her on TOTW and started seriously researching ways to feed raw, how to start, how to introduce new things, everything. I wanted to know exactly what I was doing and why it was better. I spent a long time reading anecdotes and digging up all the science I could. Switching to raw can easily be detrimental to your pet if you do it wrong.
I finally bit the bullet and started switching the cats to raw this year as my new years resolution. It took about 6 months before they were totally switched. The one that previously had dry skin and greasy fur now has soft fur and great skin.
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