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Home made diets?

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I live in the UK and it would seem that feeding home made diets and raw feeding is incredibly popular. I was among the many lead to believe that commerical dog foods are a complete food and dogs don't need anything else. I started researching raw food when I joined a forum I am no long on and then eventually switched to a complete raw food. I believe in good food for my dog and value for money and found many of the comercial dry/wet foods are just not balanced enough and I dislike how dog food is made, I wanted to choose a more natural wholesome way of feeding my dog. I am to say that my vet supports the food I feed my dog and the place I buy my complete raw from also supports and educates owners about good healthy foods for dogs.

I wish to learn more about home made raw diets and have the following questions =

What books did you read before you changed?
What is your home made menue like?
How long have you been making home made foods?? Why did you get started?
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I do have one of Tom Lonsdale's books but it is more a rant about why raw is wonderful and processed is horrible than a good guide to feeding dogs.

Lew Olson's book, Raw and Natural Nutrition, is much better for designing a diet.

But if you want the numbers then get one of Monica Segal's books, K9 Kitchen or Optimal Nutrition, as she puts a limited chart of the 2006 NRC [more up to date than AAFCO] in each book plus a few meaty bone analysis. I like having proof that my dog's raw diet is as complete as a bowl of kibble mineral and vitamin wise.

There are more books, I wouldn't mind having a look at Steve Brown's book Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet.

For websites you cannot beat dogaware, http://www.dogaware.com/diet/homemade.html and B-Naturals newsletters http://b-naturals.com/newsletters

I started feeding cooked food when Sassy got kidney disease right when the big 2007 food recalls happened so 5 years total. She continued on cooked food but I moved Max to raw about 4.5 years ago. I used the information on this forum's sticky for info and other forums plus the Monica Segal book to be sure Max is getting it all. I can track what he is getting fairly well using this site, http://nutritiondata.self.com/ which gets its information from here http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/

Max eats chicken, turkey, beef, pork, ostrich, goat, llama and rabbit. I 'balance' over two days. One day he gets a bony bit, lamb or chicken at the moment and an occasional goat head plus organ and the other day he gets a chunk of boneless meat. He also gets a bit of zinc capsule, vitamin E and fish oil as supplements but for the low manganese and magnesium I am trying out green tripe instead of a mineral supplement. The minerals ought to be fine but when I give them he seems better somehow.
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