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Home At Last!

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Finally. Back home.

And man, Wally knew it too. He's been a hyper psycho dog every since we moved back in. Never seen him sniff so much or so hard. I mean he was even sniffing the sidewalk as we walked - he never did that.

Every piece of grass, the air, the light post he first learned "go around" on, all his old spots (he remembered them!). It was like he was trying to sniff everything at once. He's always loved his walks, but this was a whole different level.

And of course he's sniffing everything he can get his nose near in the house. I thought he was nosy before - I can't pick anything up or move a box without him wanting to sniff it.

And now he's sleeping on the blue rug I got to replace the one I had, like he used to in my room.

Still tons of stuff to do, but at least - it's home.
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Great to hear you and Wally are back home.
I am glad you are back home and things can begin to have some normalcy about them. :) I bet " The Wally " is happy too!
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