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Hmmm. Am I there yet?

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Sobaka has gotten a little more stubborn lately. She is like, I'll do it when I want, where I want, for how long I want. She is constantly testing the borders. She wasn't like this before... She is 9 months now, so what I want to ask is: is this the "teenage" stage that I was hearing about? What can I do to help her "behavior"? And if this is the "teenage" stage, how long does it last?

Thanks so much!
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What is she doing? If these are things the dog really likes, you can sometimes use that to your advantage.
Hopefully, you are rewarding her while she's in the Down position...not jumping up or breaking the Down to get the treat. Same with the Place....treating while she's in Place....directly reinforcing those positions and making her wait....don't rapid fire the rewards to her.....make her hold the positions.
It's not a battle of wills. The learning curve is more like a roller coaster ride. They do 'forget' especially if the commands aren't practiced regularly. But, the refresher courses become much shorter and further inbetween.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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