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Hmmm. Am I there yet?

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Sobaka has gotten a little more stubborn lately. She is like, I'll do it when I want, where I want, for how long I want. She is constantly testing the borders. She wasn't like this before... She is 9 months now, so what I want to ask is: is this the "teenage" stage that I was hearing about? What can I do to help her "behavior"? And if this is the "teenage" stage, how long does it last?

Thanks so much!
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battle of wills?? I think she'll get over the phases. I posted a bit ago that Dakota was jumping on people AGAIN after I though we had that problem licked but it seemed to stop as fast as it started, but then we run into problems with other things again and then she will stop that only to come up with something else to defy me on. Lately she's been real stubborn (more than usual) and refuses to sit for long when we see people on our walks and if I talk to people too long she lays on her back and rolls around cause she's so bored. Some days she is sooo good and other days she could care less about any commands. I have read that you have to just keep up with the phases and guide them (be always consistant) and they will eventually grow out of this when their about 2 years and all your hard work will pay off.
I'm taking what I read to heart since I've never had such a challenging dog before:rolleyes:
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