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Hmmm. Am I there yet?

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Sobaka has gotten a little more stubborn lately. She is like, I'll do it when I want, where I want, for how long I want. She is constantly testing the borders. She wasn't like this before... She is 9 months now, so what I want to ask is: is this the "teenage" stage that I was hearing about? What can I do to help her "behavior"? And if this is the "teenage" stage, how long does it last?

Thanks so much!
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Ok, thanks.
The big one would be the "Down" command.... like I said, she will do it when she wants, where she wants, for how long she wants. Another is the "place". She's like, "well, I'll do it if you make me." It came on fairly quickly, and is very frustrating.
Thanks for the tips! Will do what you guys have suggested.

BTW, what would you use as consequences?
She knows all her commands. She has know them for months...
Whether the dog "knows" a command is subjective.
She knows the commands. When she is not in one of her "moods", she is 100% on everything, all the time.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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