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Hiya everyone. I thought I would stop in and introduce myself and my boys. I have been looking for a dog forum to join and I'm excited to start reading and posting.

I'm a mommy to three munchkins and I would love to have more. Hubby says we're at our limit but he also said that when we adopted our first pup.

The first munchkin that entered our life is our Smeagol. Smeags is a Chihuahua and Shih-Tzu mix and we rescued him from a horriable life. I believe in fate and I know it was fate for me to be working the most horriable job ever to let us cross paths with him. I was at work one day and upon handling some issues with a tenant with their business I saw him locked up in a cage frozen in fear. While going about my business I heard them talking how he was just dropped off an hour before and they was looking for a home for him. So I talked to my husband and we decided to bring him home for the day to see if he got along with our cats. Once he step into our home there was no way he was ever going back to that cage.

After we agreed that he was never going back to that place I let the previous owners know we would take him. At this point I learned of his past which upset me greatly. At 4 years old we was the 6th family to have him. Each family before us abused him. The family that I rescued him from raised him from a pup but couldn't keep him, so they would find him a home with the agreement that if the family couldn't keep him at any time he was to come back to them. These were people who I think should never own a dog and there was no way I would give him back to them. If he didn't work out I would have found him a loving home, not them.

He was beat, kicked, screamed at, starved and ignored with his other owners. The owners who had him right before us would let their three old daughter drag him around the house with a choker chain. His throat has been damage from this. It took us a year to stop him from balling up and shaking when we go to pet and love on him. He is now a very spoiled and happy go lucky guy!

Our second munchkin we decided to add to our family was Wicket. We felt Smeags needed a little brother to play with. I looked in tons of shelters for a couple days when we came across Wicket. He is a Pomeranian. We lucked into him. Him with several brothers and sisters we're dropped of that morning and he was the last of the litter. I couldn't pass up that little cute face and he was the first puppy/dog that we was looking at that Smeags got along with. So we came home with a little fuzzy ball of energy.

With this adoption we found out Smeagol was never socialized proper with other dogs. So it was a interesting couple months but in the end they became best buds.

Our third munchkin that makes our crazy trio is Mowuai. I wasn't even looking for another dog when he entered our lives. Moggy is another Chihuahua and Shih-Tzu mix. We adopted him from a pet store. And before anyone jumps on me I know the horror stories about puppy mills etc linked with them but that doesn't mean those poor little babies should be punished in not getting a good home cause of some bad humans. Anyway, I was in there to get Smeags a new t-shirt (he loves his shirts) when my daughter said they had a puppy that looks like Smeagol but just a darker color. An once I saw him I knew Smeagol and Wicket had a little brother.

I truely believe that Smeagol was very happy to have a new puppy in the house that could match Wickets energy and let him have a break!

So thats the stories how our little guys came into our lives and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I see so many out there when I look at our local humane shelters and would take them all in if I could.

Sorry so long. :)
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