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hip problems??

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I noticed about 2 months ago Dakota was favouring her left back leg and not putting any pressure on it at night. This would happen a couple of days in a row then would stop for a week...... anyhow it hasn't happened for about a couple of weeks now until this morning. I was thinking maybe growing pains? but it's always the left back leg. When I feel around her hip and leg area she doesn't act like it hurts but then again she has a high tolerance of pain. When she doesn't do this she seems to be walking normal and playing, running going crazy. What are your opinions?? For those who don't know she's a 9 month old Bernese so I think of hip problems right away
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What did your vet say?
I haven't taken her to the vet yet but 2 months ago he said everything was fine. I'm going to try to get her in there today or tomorrow so they can feel her hips and rotate them or whatever they do. Their x ray machine is not big enough for the larger dogs so I'd have to make an appointment in the city
I think that's going to be your best bet to figuring out the problem. Did you get this dog from a breeder? Did they health test the parents?
no we didn't get her from a breeder we got her from the pet store [this was before I knew anything about pup mills etc... and before I knew of a Breeder that does sell these dogs near our area that they trying to shut down] but anyways she's with us now. That's the terrible thing about this, I know nothing of her parents:(
That's the terrible thing about this, I know nothing of her parents:(
Yep. That's unfortunate. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is nothing serious. Please keep us posted on what your vet says.
ya I will keep you posted:) thank you for your quick replies. I was just watching her outside and she's playing with her big steel bowl with one paw in and her face then she scoots around the yard in the snow like crazy, so right now she seems ok
That is too funny! :)
It would be best to see a vet so that your dog can be thoroughly examined. I hope she is well though.
I posted on another thread but here is the update:

I got her into the vet today, he did a good hands on feel of her hips and legs[he's been there for years] and he's sure or pretty sure she has a Cruciated Ligament I guess this is quite a common problem in large boisterous pups. He asked if she ever slipped on the ice.....Oh ya!! She's crazy. I guess it sometimes can heal on it's own but might need surgery down the line. He gave me some pills to give her for two weeks and then take her back . He said she's has a good stance, nicely built, good weight at 70 lbs. Anyone here have a dog that has/had this problem??
By the way, love the pic of your pup!
Right here. Alvin's ACL (CCL in dogs, to be precise) is partially torn. He's an older guy, so we're going with conservative management, but I was told by the ortho vet that it's pretty much guaranteed to blow eventually once it's partially torn. Seems like in a pup as young as yours that you're looking at definite surgery somewhere down the road.
hmmm, I was assuming that:( but dam I just can't get her to settle down! Everything she does is bouncy except I do notice when she's a little lame she can't jump as well. I just knew she was going to hurt herself sooner or later, and she has a high pain tolerance too. I guess I better start saving money money now
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