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Hip Dysplaysia and Stairs

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I have a ten week goldendoodle, his mom was the Golden and she weighed 50lbs, while his dad was 60lbs. In order to get to the yard, we have to go down a flight of stairs. At ten weeks, Archie weighs 14.4lbs. He has yet to do steps at all because I am really worried about his hips. Anyone have any idea how long I am supposed to be carrying him? I was thinking until he reached 12-16 weeks. Thank you!:giggle:
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How many steps are there? If it's more than just three or four, then carrying him for most of the staircase might be the better option right now.

For teaching a puppy (or older dog with no experience with them), to safely go up and down stairs, start with only a couple of bottom steps, blocking off the rest of them with a baby gate or the like if needed. Encourage the pup up the stairs with teats, praising and treating for each one they go up. Then, repeat the process going down. Most pups will have an easier time going up than down at first, which is why you start on the bottom. As they gain confidence and coordination, you can increase it a couple of stairs at a time. If you've got a daredevil who wants to do them at top speed, then using a harness and leash to slow them down and make them think about where there feet are is a good idea.

Also, hip dysplasia has a genetic component, with both Goldens and Poodles being prone to it, so just going up and down stairs won't cause it.
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