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Hind End Lameness After JAW Surgery?!

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Hi all,
As some of you know, our lab had a mandibulectomy (removal of half of lower jaw) on Thursday due to a diagnosis of ostersarcoma (bone cancer). We got to visit him at the pup hospital today, and he seemed ok under the circumstances. However - what really shocked us was sudden lameness in both of his hind legs! The nurse brought him to us and he was barely lifting his bum off the floor! She blamed it on the "slippy floors" and the fact that he had arthritis prior to the procedure.
Ok, this was NOT the same as his usual arthritis. He would typically struggle a bit to get up after sleeping, or slide around on our kitchen floors here and there...but NEVER was he unable to lift his back end off the ground! We took him outside to see if we could get him to go to the bathroom, and he was finally able to take literally two steps at a time with his bum about 3 inches off the ground, then we'd have to stop to take a break. The nurse then blamed it on all of the hefty medications he's on right now post-op.

On our drive home my husband and I became more and more concerned about it. Pup was walking just fine - goes in for surgery - now DEFINETLY not walking fine and the surgery had nothing to do with his limbs! We're so worried he'll be like this for good.
Anyone experience this or have any input?? Can pain meds or anti-inflamatories do this?
Or could it truly be because he's been lying around in a kennel for two days?
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Generalized weakness does usually manifest in the hind end first, so that could be it. Keep him on non-slippery floors and hopefully it'll correct itself as he gets stronger.
Some medications could effect coordination which would make it difficult for him to walk right now. I wish all of you nothing but the best. Keep us updated as to his condition.
It could very easily be medication. The drugs they give dogs can keep them loopy and lazy for quite a while. This sounds like it was a majory surgey. One of mine went to get some fluid removed from her joint and have some xrays taken. She acted drunk almost all day.
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