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Hiking/Camping With My Boys In The Rockies (Kananaskis, Alberta)

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Thumper being a handsome little goofball as usual...
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Hiking, hiked about a 20km round trip, stopped at the beautiful lake Lorraine up in the mountains and hiked back down again.
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Love this pics! Looks like you all had a blast!! Thumper is soooooo adorable!!!
Thank you :) Yes, we love K-Country and we do an annual trip in August for some camping, hiking, mountain biking and golfing.
Great pictures! I wish we had places like that around here. my dogs would love it.
I don't think any dog wouldn't! lol. There were tons of dogs on the trails, big small, old, young.. My Shiba was fading out on the trek back to the truck though, after the stop at the lake he was holding us up stopping along the trail to rest, a couple times he'd run into the creek and ly down in the hypothermic water. The lake was also hypothermic temps, I couldn't beleive Thumper swam in it.. he'd come out and shiver to death, then jump right back in.. the water up there was so clear you could see the fish swimming in it.. the dogs could see them.. lol
That looks so cool! Hiking with my Shiba is basically my "dog sport". The other two come along every now and then, but they have horrible trail manners. (Which is actually ironic, since the Shiba barks at everyone we come across and isn't the most friendly thing in the world...)
Well Cash is nearly 7 years old now, so he's slowing down, but that was probably the longest hike he's ever done (20 km and about 10 of that was solid incline). He did pretty good but yeah just got tuckered out on the home stretch..much like the rest of us lol. Cash does not bark, nor does he approach strange people or dogs, he has good manners all around, for the most part he ignores other people and dogs and just does his own thing. He's more like a cat actually lol. Probably the most low-maintenace, laid back dog I could ask for.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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