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High quality SMALL can suggestions?

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Hi all! I'm looking for suggestions on brands of canned dog food. Here's the situation -- puppy is 5 months old, a Norwich Terrier, currently 10 lbs should grow to 15-ish. She eats mostly dry kibble (Fromm), which is great.

For her last meal of the day, though, I usually add a little bit of can food as a topper, to encourage a nice big meal so she sleeps really well ;) The problem is I cannot get through a large can of food without it spoiling since I don't use very much at a time. Rather than feeding her more canned food, I'd rather just buy small cans, but when I go to various websites like dog food advisor, I can't see can size. I know I can just walk up and down the aisles at Petco, but thought I'd stop here first to see if anyone has any suggestions. Currently I've been feeding her a can of Canidae grain-free Pure Sky. Since this is just for a topper, I don't think the canned food must be a puppy food specifically (the kibble is, since it's the majority food).

Suggestions? Thanks in advance!!
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Tripett? They offer small cans of their green tripe, and if you're using it as a topper, it is nice and stinky so they should love it :)
I really like Lotus canned dog food and those come in 5.5oz cans. Tiki Dog is great and comes in tiny 2.8oz cans. Pretty pricey though. Weruva is another good one with 5.5oz cans. Firstmate has 5.5oz cans labeled for cats but the company says the formula for dogs and cats is the exact same, just use different can sizes for people who prefer big or small.

I have just one very small dog so one large can lasts her almost 2 weeks. Personally, I got tired of missing out on good brands due to her size. What I do now is just put her canned food into an ice cube tray and freeze. It lasts a lot longer this way. When they're frozen I put them in an airtight container or ziplock. Then just put one in the fridge in the evening and a nice meal sized portion is thawed and ready in the morning! Much more convenient for me this way as a lot of brands don't have small cans and plus it's cheaper :p
Good point! I could just scoop out half or quarter of the big cans and freeze. Don't know why I can't seem to think of these things on my own, but that's why I post here :) Thank you!
I have the same problem as you with cans! I have an 18lb dog and the regular sized cans would take us a good week to go through because I only use them as toppers too. I actually kind of gave up on cans, and now used dehydrated or freeze-dried food. I can make however much I want, and pretty much every brand we have tried says you can keep it in the fridge hydrated 2-3 days. We've tried pretty much all of the freeze-dried and dehyrdated formulas we can get our hands on. I haven't really had a bad one! I also like them better because they weigh less than cans and take up less space too.
What about canned sardines? Packed in water, no salt added. As a topper for a small dog, you'd probably go through a can in about 4 days but sardins should keep in the fridge in a Ziploc for 4 days no problem. Cheap, great protein and fat, and most dogs go nuts for them.
Great suggestions on the dehydrated and the sardines -- thanks very much!!!
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