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I am Betatrix and was told to post here to activate my account :p

Soooo..... What can I talk about in my first post?

Right now I live with my best friend Molly :p Ppl call her a dog and they also say that her breed is Cocker-Spaniel, but if you want my opinion, she is my angel who was born to teach me how to love human beings without wanting anything back. <3

I am future vet, currently on my last year of studying :rockon:

I'm also a groomer, everything started back when I had to find job to pay my tuition fee (aaaaaand 6 years gone :bounce:)

I don't know what to say more :D Will provide more information in future posts :wave: byeeeee
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Im gonna post my intro post here too! Im Miles, and Ive owned dogs and a range of other pet my whole life. And im looking forward to learning from and sharing my own knowledge with other members.
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