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Hi from the U.K.
I am still awake at 01:20 am with concerns over my 7 year old Rhodesian ridge back lookalike .
My vet has asked for him to have removed in a few days an egg shaped lump roughly 3 x 2 inch ,it seems to have grown slightly it is located on his sternum , at the front of his chest .
It doesn’t seem to bother him he is not off his food and enjoys playing as usual with our other dog and his toys .
My concern is that my vet has not drawn any fluid off this lump to see what it could be , she says that she thinks there is no fluid there ? and it might not give an accurate result.It is not rock hard! I did ask about a lipoma but she seemed to dismiss this. I have been looking into lipomas and it is VERY much like this.
We have lost dogs in the past from lymphoma and tumours in the chest.
Any experiences or info would be greatly appreciated .
I would like to avoid surgery and anaesthetic if possible for him .
Our loved ones past & present are all different characters like everyone else’s , this boy is our:- ‘understanding every word , colours , spellings ,wise , good boy Ted x
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