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My name is Ann and I'm happy to join the forum. My family and I have a new pup, as seen in my avatar. His name is Cassidy. He's a Shepherd/Husky mix, about 5 months old or so. He's a rescue dog.

Our last dog passed away a month ago. He was a Husky/Lab mix named Sunny. He's much missed, but the new pup helps to heal the heart a bit.:)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to "meeting" you all.
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Here he is! A bigger picture. I guess I'll have to try and get a better avatar soon, or maybe a sig pic if I can figure that out....

When my kids saw this picture up on petfinder.com, they went crazy wild. All their ooohs and ahhhs, he was the one. Then they kept asking me several times everyday, did you hear back about Cassidy yet?!

Thanks for the welcome!
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