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Apparently we have to post in the new members thread to start.. Well, nice to meet you. I'm Samantha. I have a 9 year old rescue who was abused and a 7 month old stubborn (pit, shepherd, boxer. duh of course she's stubborn lol) that I'm trying to train. Nice to meet you all.

I'm going to go ahead and list the two problems I came to the site for. Can't hurt.

I am trying to teach the pup to bark when there are intruders. She already, apparently by instinct, dislikes people other than me. But she very rarely barks. I've yet to find a pattern to when she does. She chews on everyone indiscriminately other than myself because i'm the only one often available to correct the behavior. I've already taught her to let go, regardless of what's in her mouth, as a precaution. But I want to socialize her without killing her territorialness. And I need to teach her her territory, but I regularly take them on walks in our area, so do I have to stop that?

The older dog came with a lot of issues and had basic commands down. But I'm used to doing more in-depth training with my dogs and having him around makes it surprisingly difficult to train the pup. He interferes or runs away, almost always. I try to separate them for training, but I don't want to make the older dog jealous or scared.
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