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My name's Chloe, and I'm from the UK!

I own an English working labrador, who doesnt really fit being a labrador in anyway, since he's not goofy in the slightest, doesnt have the "labrador lumber" as I call it, isnt overweight, is not interested in other dogs in the slightest, is very intense during work, and when meeting new people will interrogate them up and down with his nose like a drugs detection dog rather than go for cuddles, and moves on once they have been thoroughly sniffed xD

He also loves water, but wont go into it unless theres something to retrieve. He will stand there, staring at the water, unmoving, waiting for something, anything, to retrieve from there! :clap2:

Here's an image of him :)

We both do agility together, and he adores it! A dog with no less drive than the working border collies in the class! Just such a hyper dog when working, like I said before, very intense.
I also adore agility too, it is just so much fun!
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