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Hi to all Dog Owners from Socal

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Hi Everyone, I am a long time Dog Owner and am seeking assistance. I have had many dogs at home and at work including German Shepard mixes, labrador, Chow Chow and Pit Bulls(none that were bad). The latest Dogs are at the Business serving as watch dogs. I been trying to train this last batch of Dogs (Gizmo and Frisco). Well Gizmo and Frisco got into their first fight a couple of weeks ago and Gizmo the older (even tempered IMO) stood his ground and got the worst of the injuries. During rehab Gizmo was confined to his cage except for rest room and walks. The other dog a labrador like dog (may have german shepard in him too) was allowed to stay out except for business hours. The supervisors are thinking both dogs are trying to be top dog I dont know what its called. The solution so far is to confine Gizmo most of the time and allow the younger dog full control of the yard at night. I have tried to talk to the owner to change this and it has not changed. I am sad that it has come to this me posting on a forum asking for help. I can only do so much as I am only a employee at this business.
The dogs house is 4 x 4 and cage is 5 x 8 I think( I recently cleaned all)
This really worries me and I need advice soon. I have considered calling the local humane society but someone will find out that it was me.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Sincerely Dreamer0291
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