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Hi there!

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I am new, but so far this website has been very helpful! Me and My husband have two dogs. Both are around 2 years old. We have Patriot who is a 2 year old male (nuetered) miniture poodle. Patriot is a puppy from my grandma's dog whom I love to death. Patriot is a huge cuddle buddy but he is always ready for and adventure! Our other dog, Merle, is also a male (nuetered) and around two years old, he was a rescue that was found living on the streets so his birthday is unknown as is alot of his past. He is an australian shepard and VERY EXCITEABLE! He is always on full speed... even when he is sleeping! I have never seen a dog that dreamed so much, he will move his feet like he is running and make all kinds of funny little noises. Both our dogs love to go iut and romp in the woods with us! We take them every where we can, whenever we can.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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