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hi there!

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hello everyone! i'm the proud new owner (as of july 5th) of a small, 2-3 year old wirehaired terrier mutt now named maya maloo mon amie pour la vie (she just goes by maya :). i've been lurking around here for the past week or so, and your guys's comments and suggestions have been infinitely valuable to me and maya (and my parents and grandparents and sister and uncle, who are all helping take care of her!).

i've currently got a few noob Qs should you care to read 'em. i might post them in their corresponding subforums later, but for now here they are since i'm about to go to bed:

1. the shelter sent me home with a complimentary bag of science diet puppy food (!) which i'm now mixing with blue buffalo life protection adult formula (thanks to some of your suggestions) and some pedigree wet food to make it less crunchy (since she went days without really touching the dry stuff, we figured she was fed mixed before as well-- either that or she has dental problems...). tomorrow i'm going to look for mid-range quality wet food to continue mixing with-- better than pedigree, but not such super-high-quality, high-protein stuff like blue buff or innova evo since it's more about making the kibble palatable and not about adding more protein to her already high-protein diet (she's about 12 pounds and isn't insanely active). please tell me if you've got any suggestions.

2. we're taking her to the vet on tuesday, but what worries me is that the place we're going to is a "banfield pet hospital" located inside a petsmart and hasn't gotten very good reviews on yelp. there's apparently a fantastic vet a couple of blocks from our house, but each visit is $45 and my mother doesn't think it's worth it, especially since the petsmart place has free visits. i was wondering if anyone's taken their dog to one of these in-store vets and whether they're as bad as yelp reviewers say they are. i don't want to scar the poor thing for life...

that's it so far. i'm really happy that i finally have a dog; a year ago, my parents and i agreed to adopt once i moved back in after graduating college, and my mother-- bless her heart-- said yes despite her crazy allergies. the logistics still worry me (unexpected vet bills on a tight budget, sharing a bed with a newly graduated college student who still stays up way too late, toothbrushing?, training options... and maya was scooting her butt on the floor a lot until recently!), but from what i've read here and heard from everyone else, it should be worth it.

nonetheless... i'm SO glad to have so much help at my fingertips. SO glad.

b! (+m!)

p.s. if you don't know what this thread topic refers to, i'd like to show you the clip of the pixar movie "up" that made me want to see the whole thing:

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